Sabtu, 28 November 2009

Internet Censorsip in Indonesia : Fool

Do you know that some days ago Indonesian's government  (MENKOMINFO) sent many letters to some Internet Service Provider which operates in Indonesia, containing an order to censor some blog which contain nagging statement about Islam. ( in this case statement which offend Muhammad SAW ).

That was a nice idea, but also naive, i think. Facts show that many blog (especially in blogspot) also banned by Internet Service Providers. I think it was a fool decision to foolishly censoring internet. Not only because we can easily bypass that censorship by using proxy server, but also because those censorship was wrongly executed. What i mean is, government banned all blog? so government banned all blog, in order to censor internet??

Believe me, right now, there's no single living person can block stream of data flowing in the internet. It's time for any junk and truth show up to the world.

Thankfully, indonesian's government already aware about their foolishness. They unbanned those blog, and allow us to surf internet freely.

Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

One of a Lab Work

Picture above is a picture showing one of our labwork in Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

High Voltage Engineering labwork. This extremely dangerous course's been reopened after four years of absence, in order to improve students' understanding in high voltage engineering. In my first encounter with this labwork, i was so amazed by size of the component used in this labwork. Do you see those 'pillars' in picture above? It is a resistor. It is a way bigger than 'usually-we-see' resistor like :

I wonder what will happen if 'usually-we-see' resistor is given a high voltage (about 30 kV) ? maybe it will disappear to thin air? haha.

My Idea In English


Actually, I have another blog written in Bahasa Indonesia. This blog specially designed as a container for many thoughts that will be written in English. Very much like my bahasa's blog, this blog will be filled with many of my opinion, experience, tips, or description of my thougths. Well, i hope you enjoy all of my (upcoming) writing!